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To Our Customers

I hope the blog posts have been helpful please call if you have any questions


....Oh by the way we are running a special if purchasing a rock crusher you will generate a -$100 off coupon which will be added to your checkout.  We hope you enjoy the discount.

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The K&M Krushers Legs set & Hardware

If you are interested in making your rock crusher easier to move around in and out of your enclosed space we recommend the K&M Krushers Legs set & Hardware. Our leg stand is unique and can be purchased separately or together with a rock crusher. The Leg Set will connect to both sizes of our KandM Rock crushers. Made in the USA and of the same great steel, and powder coated the same color. The Leg Set can allow you to put wheels on the bottom of each leg so that you can roll it around and store it when...

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Should I get a dustless system.... do they work?

A lot of people had said that crushing rock is a dusty job and that valuable gold was escaping into the air! This is true! If you are planning on purchasing one of these rock crusher and will be inside or outside a building, we recommend the dustless system. This system will contain all your material into a 5-gallon bucket. It is amazing, you will notice a difference right away. The Dustless System connects very easily to both sizes of rock crusher and works very well with the electric rock crusher and gas. We do not recommend use of a...

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KandM Rock Crusher Differences

Hi Folks, We have been asked several questions about our rock crushers. I wanted to start this blog post on KandMKrushers regarding the differences between the rock crushers we offer. The 11” crusher weighs 65 lbs without a motor, and the 14” weights 90 lbs without a motor. Add 35 lbs to either crusher for a gas motor which is shipped separately from the manufacturer. If you purchase the gas rock crusher you will receive a bag with the hardware and pulley’s to mount the gas motor, also on Utube channel we have a video on, “How To Mount Your...

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How Much can the KandM Rock Crushers Crush

People have asked how much it can crush in a day. There are variables in this factor, and one is the Mohs hardness of the rock you are crushing. The Moh’s scale is a 1-10 scale on gemstone hardness. The quartz is around 7 iron is 10. The Hammers (chains) are a Rockwell Hardness of 62 on the outside and #58 on the inside. This is an extremely hard chain. These chains are consumables as well as the screens. Depending on the hardness of your material will depend on how long the chains last, and screen and screen covers. So,...

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