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Rock Crusher Clean out information/bulid up

Hey folks, here is a little blog about the K&M Rock Krusher;

Some people have been asking about the build up of material inside the rock crusher machine. There could be a few reasons for this. If the material is damp it will start to build up on the inside and you will have to open the front cover and sweep out the inside periodically. If it is not damp, could be the material is pasty having a lot of clay in it. This is normal and it can happen. If the problem is persistent you can purchase a complete dustless system off the website. What the dustless system does is pull all your crushed material into a bucket. You will need to supply your own shop vac. If you’re looking for parts to the dustless system or partial systems, we sell those too. Below is a video on the system.

Here is a link to the complete dustless system for either the 11” rock crusher or the 14” rock crusher.



Here is a link to a video showing how the system works



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