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Vcella Kilns Redesigned

Hi all you smelters, melters and enthusiast who want to know about a great product to smelt or melt your material in read on.

Our front load electric kilns and tilting kilns do a great job, they all heat to 2300 degrees and are powered by 110V, 220V,480V. The sizes range from a small 6" Wide - 5" Deep - 6.5" High front-loading kiln to a tilting kiln that can melt 24 gallons of whatever! Lol! There is a lot of range.

 The manufacturer Vcella kilns redesigned there kilns recently and have added a single set point automatic temperature control to all there front-loading kilns. It is a digital single controller and will show the temperature as is and takes the guess work out of setting it from the old style where you had to adjust the knob as the you needed.

Vcella kiln also offers a PFX programmer that allows you to set for varying times and temperatures. This programmer comes at an additional cost for the kilns.

Also, you need to know that there is a shortage of crucibles for both electric and gas furnace makers and this includes all sizes, so make sure you call before ordering so  we can give you a real time on when the kiln will ship. This is very unfortunate, so order your kiln ahead of time.

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