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KandM Rock Crusher Differences

Hi Folks,

We have been asked several questions about our rock crushers. I wanted to start this blog post on KandMKrushers regarding the differences between the rock crushers we offer.

The 11” crusher weighs 65 lbs without a motor, and the 14” weights 90 lbs without a motor. Add 35 lbs to either crusher for a gas motor which is shipped separately from the manufacturer.

If you purchase the gas rock crusher you will receive a bag with the hardware and pulley’s to mount the gas motor, also on Utube channel we have a video on, “How To Mount Your Gas Motor to your Rock Crusher.” Here is the link to the video-


The 11” rock crusher weighs 95 lbs with the electric motor. The 11” crusher with the electric motor comes completely assembled, plug it in and turn it on it is wired for 110V.  The 14” crusher with the electric motor weights 144lbs and is fully assembled like the 11” and same voltage 110V.

The infeed on the 11” crusher is 2 ½” and 14” is 3”. Both run the same and turn your material into talcum powder. The chains spin at 1800rpm.

I hope this blog helped please call if you have any questions....Oh by the way we are running a special if purchasing a rock crusher you will generate a -$100 off coupon which will be added to your checkout.  We hope you enjoy the discount.


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